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William Blair asked 3 months ago

When I check the feed status it says1 item has an error: No valid items were found in the feed: validate2 items have error: Thumbnail must be 16×9 aspect ratio, at least 800w x 450h, and either in JPG or PNG format.”The second error I know how to fix but not the first one, 1 item has an error: No valid items were found in the feed: validate. What do I need to do to fix it? I pasted the json feed below (with names and url removed). The only item that doesn’t have anything in it, on the json feed, is credit but I don’t see a spot to enter it.{”providerName”:”removed”,”lastUpdated”:”2020-01-18T01:03:59+00:00”,”language”:”en-US”,”movies”:[{”id”:”23234”,”title”:”removed”,”content”:{”dateAdded”:”2020-01-18T01:03:59+00:00”,”videos”:[{”url”:”removed.mp4”,”quality”:”SD”,”videoType”:”MP4”}],”duration”:3540,”language”:”en-US”},”credit”:[],”genres”:[”action”,”adventure”,”romance”],”tags”:[”movie”],”thumbnail”:”removed.jpeg”,”releaseDate”:”2020-01-18T01:03:59+00:00”,”shortDescription”:”removed.”,”longDescription”:”removed.”},{”id”:”23228”,”title”:”removed”,”content”:{”dateAdded”:”2020-01-18T00:37:41+00:00”,”videos”:[{”url”:”removed.mp4”,”quality”:”SD”,”videoType”:”MP4”}],”duration”:6600,”language”:”en-US”},”credit”:[],”genres”:[”action”,”adventure”,”thriller”],”tags”:[”movie”],”thumbnail”:”removed.jpg”,”releaseDate”:”2020-01-18T00:37:41+00:00”,”shortDescription”:”removed”,”longDescription”:”removed.”}],”categories”:[{”name”:”Movies”,”query”:”movie”,”order”:”most_popular”}]}

wblair91 replied 2 months ago

The url is and the roku direct publisher feed is

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BrianLG answered 3 months ago

Your JSON is not showing a valid url to send the video to Roku to stream…. Yes I see REMOVED but, if you do nto show the url, Rob cannot tell you if it is correct… Neither can I….

wblair91 replied 2 months ago

Sorry @BrianLG , I didn’t think that all the way through. The url is and the roku direct publisher feed is

BrianLG answered 2 months ago

Your Json had to be screwed up. I see that it was answered already….

By the way… I like your website. Whoever did the graphics did a nice job….