QuestionsCategory: WP Smart TVWhich is the best type of vimeo account to use and where do I find the correct URL?
Faith Frankenfield asked 4 years ago

Hello- My Roku channel has been published successfully. I have a Vimeo OTT account and I used the url link provided from that account to input it in to my WP settings. I refreshed the feed and everything looked good and the feed was recognized. When I tried playing my videos on my Roku, the video starts to connect and then it times out. I contacted Vimeo customer support and they said that I needed to change the type of account I was using because Vimeo OTT blocks the url when being used on an outside source. So I purchased a PRO account, and then inputted the new url link in to WP settings. Now Roku publisher is giving an error message saying that video feed status is unreachable. I noticed that in your tutorial, the url you are using begins with something different than the url link I am given in my PRO account. Is there a different account that i should use?

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Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Faith,

Currently Roku and Vimeo are having issues communicating. All you can do right now is wait for Roku/Vimeo to fix the issue. Apparently their engineers are now working on a solution so hopefully they will have it fixed in the next few days.


Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Faith,

Nothing yet. I’m guessing with everyone being off work it may take a few days (or weeks) to fix.

As for the account, Vimeo Pro is everything you need to get started.


Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey JT,

Let Roku know and Vimeo both know. The more channel owners they hear from the better. Hopefully it will motivate them to fix the issue.


Jon Tucker replied 4 years ago


I did follow up with both Vimeo and Roku. Roku support was aware of the issue advised me to contact Vimeo along with other users which I already had. Finally the links starting working again (Friday the 17th?) and I stopped getting the feed status error.

Thanks for you help here and with the ticket Rob! …and also to the folks at Vimeo and Roku. I’m glad the HLS links are working again.

Thank You!

Jon Tucker

Springs Wellness Center answered 4 years ago

Hi Rob- have you heard whether this issue has been resolved yet? My feed is coming through to Roku but the videos still are not playing. Also is a PRO account ok or does it have to be an OTT account? Thanks!

Jon Tucker answered 4 years ago

I am having similar problems this week with Vimeo and Roku.
Neither of my channels can load vimeo videos at the moment.
I had the same problem a few days ago but then things went back to normal until yesterday.
I get this Roku developer feed status error for both channels referring to entries that link to HLS Vimeo videos: items have error: Required video url is unreachable
Has anyone found a workaround for this?
Should we let Vimeo know about the problem or Roku?
Thank You!