QuestionsCategory: WP Smart TVVideos dissappeared after working fine for 1 mo. Network Error.
wofmi asked 3 years ago

Using Direct Publisher, I had successfully launched my test channel and was preparing to submit to ROKU for review for publishing.

Then…all 96 videos dissappeared only to see the remaining Search and About links.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on Search and entered in one of the names of the video series that I had added. I clicked on the series and the thumbnail appeared. Then I clicked on one of the episodes and received the alert: "Network Error".

I contacted Vimeo where my videos are hosted. I use their premium service so that I can make use of the .m3u8 links for WP Smart TV.

They said they are looking into the problem. I made it easy for them to focus on the "Why" by stating that I merely wanted them to verify that all .m3u8 links are working as expected.

I also contacted ROKU direct publisher support, but have my doubts for any substantial and useful help being that it is a free service.

Anyone out there know why the network error is happening and no videos displaying? My .json file looks as it did 4 weeks prior to when all 96 videos were working perfectly.

See attached screenshot.