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Luiz Nicolau asked 3 weeks ago


Do you have any system to import Json? Because I already have a channel with more than 800 videos and did not want to have to add one by one again.Thank you

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Rob Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Luiz,

Yes, there is a JSON importer included with the free plugin.


Rob Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Go to WP Smart TV > Import/Export

Rob Staff answered 2 weeks ago

That could be a lot of things. If you could give the exact error, I may be able to give you a solution. You can install a plugin like WP Debugging and check the debug.log file in wp-content/

luiznick answered 3 weeks ago

I’m sorry for my ignorance, but how do I import an existing json into the wp-smartv free plugin? I’m not finding this option, thanks

luiznick answered 3 weeks ago


I updated the plugin version, but now every time I click on the json link it appears – The site is experiencing technical difficulties.