QuestionsCategory: WP Smart TVhi are you discontinuing the plug ins
art asked 2 years ago

hi i see that it says your no longer will be selling plug ins if i purchased the plug in would that mean i cant get it again the following yr

Joe Ferdinando replied 2 years ago

Hello as a recent purchase user for all plugins I wonder the same thing?

Joe Ferdinando replied 2 years ago

From Rb at Rovidx
Rob Davenport (@robdavenport)

Hi there,

I will be sending out another email in a week or two. The response to the cancellation made me rethink discontinuing the plugins.

After much thought we’re going to keep going, but will be making some changes in the near future to the name & branding of the plugin plus announcing new features.

Sorry for the confusion.

Rovidx Media

JuanQ New York replied 2 years ago

can you fix your site its not sending the confirmation email for me to buy from you like two days i been trying to get that email