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Brian asked 4 years ago

I am getting feed status errors and the videos are not playing on my Roku channel. This is bothersome as I have followed all the directions and the JSON is working correctly as I have a green check mark. Here is a print screen linkā€¦

1 Answers
Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Brian,

It’s hard to say based on what you supplied.

Error #1: This is usually caused by Roku Recipes not being setup for your categories. See

The other errors are most likely caused by your thumbnail not being large enough. See Error #4.


BrianLG replied 4 years ago

If you could answer the contact us I sent that would be great please! I am at an impass!

Rob Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Brian,

We don’t take support requests via email, but if you post it here, I’d be happy to answer.