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Carlos Coleman asked 2 years ago

Hello, I cancelled and asked for a refund last year on this wp smart tv service because it doesnt work. I can’t sign in to an account and I shouldn’t have been charged this year either due to the fact that it hasn’t been working and I cancelled last year. Refund my funs immediately. . It wasn’t suppose to start back up until I signed back in and used the coupon code according to last thread which I didn’t reprurchase because it doen’t work. Also, it is saying an unknown email when I attempt to log in with my email even when i try to rest my password. : Here is some info from our last communication: Amazon Fire TV. Here is what they said on ticket #122326: 5/5/2020. Another thread states this: The coupon code is ”CARLOS”.When you are ready to re-purchase, just go ahead and purchase. When you get to the payment screen, enter ”CARLOS” in the coupon area and it will automatically apply the discount.~Rob