QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWP Smart TV Plug-in Update – The site is experiencing technical difficulties.
jeremywhcc asked 4 years ago

After updating to the new version (2.0.4) from version 1.x.x of WP Smart TV my feed is no longer available. Upon going to the feed directly I get the message “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.” How can I get my feed live again?

3 Answers
Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Can you post a link to your JSON feed so I can take a quick look?

Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hmmm…. It’s not giving me any indication of where the issue is. Can you tell me a bit about your web hosting? (Company, Type, PHP version, etc)

jeremywhcc answered 4 years ago

As an update to my issue, I have rolled back the WP Smart TV to version 1.8 and everything is working properly again. I am going to hold off on updating to version 2 at this time. Let me know if you are able to duplicate and resolve my issues.

Dan Harville replied 4 years ago

Where can I get version 1.8 !!!!