QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWP Smart TV Plug-in Update – The site is experiencing technical difficulties.
jeremywhcc asked 10 months ago

After updating to the new version (2.0.4) from version 1.x.x of WP Smart TV my feed is no longer available. Upon going to the feed directly I get the message “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.” How can I get my feed live again?

3 Answers
Rob Staff answered 10 months ago

Can you post a link to your JSON feed so I can take a quick look?

Rob Staff answered 10 months ago

Hmmm…. It’s not giving me any indication of where the issue is. Can you tell me a bit about your web hosting? (Company, Type, PHP version, etc)

jeremywhcc answered 10 months ago

As an update to my issue, I have rolled back the WP Smart TV to version 1.8 and everything is working properly again. I am going to hold off on updating to version 2 at this time. Let me know if you are able to duplicate and resolve my issues.

Dan Harville replied 8 months ago

Where can I get version 1.8 !!!!