QuestionsCategory: QuestionsVideo Order within a Category Isn’t Working As Expected
podworx asked 4 years ago

Within a category, we have three elements

  1. "Movie" dated 2/11/2020
  2. "Movie" dated 2/10/2020
  3. "Series" dated 2/1/2020

When presented, we would expect the order to be:

{MOVIE 2/11} {MOVIE 2/10} {SERIES 2/1}

However, it’s actually ordered like this:

{SERIES 2/1} {MOVIE 2/11} {MOVIE 2/10}

How do I get the "Series" to be properly placed based upon the series’ date?


p.s. Just thought of something. . .all the "episodes" in the series were dated 2/12/2020. Is that why they were put before the MOVIES dated 2/11 and 2/10?

1 Answers
Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

As long as your Recipes are set up correctly, then I’m assuming this error is on Roku’s side. Direct Publisher is notoriously glitchy, especially with unpublished channels so it could be a bug with their system.

I’m putting a note for Monday to double check that nothing is broken on our side, but I don’t believe it is or we would have received support requests by now.

Double check your recipes and if they are correct then contact Roku’s partner support and they should be able to tell you where the issue is or if it’s a glitch in the Direct Publisher system.