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Mrs. Crystal Hale asked 3 years ago

hello i love yalls app I own a small hosting company and our services work with you guys however not for sure how to add the tags to support our shoutcast apps causwe in our corporate roku app we will be purchasing the firestick one on the 15th as well we want to include our Tv stations and our radio stations.

It work perfectly with our tv stations

however was not for sure how to add the shoutcast stations thank you

1 Answers
Rob Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for the kind words We work really hard to keep this ship a float.

Unfortunately, Roku Direct Publisher doesn’t support audio streams (including shoutcast). In order to play audio content on Roku, you would need to build a custom app.

Same with Fire TV, no support for Audio streams so you would have to build a custom app.