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tamekariley asked 4 years ago

I’ve been following your YouTube tutorials and have all of the boxes on my developer account checked except for the feed. When I refresh, the only error I get is "Required property providerName is missing." The other line said the item was ingested properly. Nothing shows up on the channel. I’ve gone through and through and can’t find what the problem is. I have the provider name under the settings filled in, I don’t see any other places to add it again. I don’t know what the trouble is… Please advise

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Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Tameka,

Our system uses your Site Title in Settings > General Settings to file out the providerName.    Make sure you add a site name there, and that should fix your problem.


tamekariley replied 4 years ago

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your response. All of my plugins are up to date and I use Startlogic as my web host and my videos are on Vimeo. I went and checked my theme and the site name was blank, thank you for mentioning that. I added it and now the error says: “No items in feed match the category tags that have been specified.”

Will my login and password be seen by the group of I share it here?

Rob Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Tameka,

You can follow along with this tutorial on how to setup the recipes to create categories properly 🙂


tamekariley replied 4 years ago

Good Afternoon,

Thanks so much. I watched it before asking my question but for some reason didn’t connect it to the error message… I watched it again and updated the recipe and the items were ingested successfully with no errors. The channel loads in my Roku player now (hooray!) but the items ingested won’t play 🙁 . I’m going to go through the videos again to make sure I didn’t miss anything small this time now that I’m over that hump. Thanks again for your help! Can’t wait to finally be ready for the playlist player!!


tamekariley replied 4 years ago

Found the trouble, worked like a charm… Thank you!!!

tamekariley answered 3 years ago

Good Evening,

I added nine videos to my channel but for some reason, no matter how much I refreshed, updated, uninstalled and re-installed my channel, the updates wouldn’t show up. I waited abouto 12hrs and did it all over again, still nothing on my channel. I went in and updated all of my WordPress Plugins. When I did this, the SmartTV app would not activate. I kept getting the error message "Error: Current PHP version does not meet minimum requirements for WP Smart TV."

I went into my host ( and updated the php and my site would no longer work. I was on 7, and there were three more, newer options. No matter which of the three I updated the php to, my site would no longer work. The only way to get it to work was to revert back to 7. But on 7, the plugin, which was working just fine before the update, will no longer allow me to active/use it.

Is this a known issue with a fix that I might not be aware of?


T. S. Riley

Rob Staff replied 3 years ago

Hey there,

You need to update PHP to 7.2 or 7.3 in order to use WP Smart TV. Chances are you have another plugin that isn’t PHP 7.2 compatible and that’s why your site is failing when you upgrade.

Once you have 7.2 installed WP Smart TV should continue working as expected.


tamekariley replied 3 years ago

WooCommerce was the culprit. Thanks again!

tamekariley replied 3 years ago

Can’t get SmartTV to work with PHP 7.2 but it seems fine on 7.1.