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Tameka Riley asked 4 years ago

Good Evening,I added nine videos to my channel but for some reason, no matter how much I refreshed, updated, uninstalled and re-installed my channel, the updates wouldn’t show up. I waited abouto 12hrs and did it all over again, still nothing on my channel. I went in and updated all of my WordPress Plugins. When I did this, the SmartTV app would not activate. I kept getting the error message ”Error: Current PHP version does not meet minimum requirements for WP Smart TV.”I went into my host ( and updated the php and my site would no longer work. I was on 7, and there were three more, newer options. No matter which of the three I updated the php to, my site would no longer work. The only way to get it to work was to revert back to 7. But on 7, the plugin, which was working just fine before the update, will no longer allow me to active/use it.Is this a known issue with a fix that I might not be aware of?Thanks,T. S. Riley