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Vince Calabrese asked 4 years ago

Hello,When I put the feed url into Roku I get this error The server returned an unsupported content type. Was expecting ’application/rss+xml’, ’text/xml’, ’application/xml’ or ’application/json’ but received ’text/html; charset=UTF-8’. Any thoughts? Vince

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Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Vince,

It sounds like you have Direct Publisher to grab XML feeds, not JSON. WP Smart TV uses JSON, so you’ll need to switch your app to use JSON instead.


Vince Calabrese replied 4 years ago


Here is a video that shows the issue.

Rob Staff replied 4 years ago

That makes it a lot easier. The main problem is your JSON feed is not available because you don’t have Permalinks enabled on your site. Set them up in WordPress and that should fix the issues.

Let me know if you run into more 🙂


Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi There,

You need to have "Permalinks" enabled. See this document for instructions:


DREIKO ARTS answered 4 years ago


I have a problem with wp smart tv, when I click on the json link, it does not generate the codes and it sends me a message like the one in the image