QuestionsCategory: QuestionsIs there a ROVIDX product that can do this project?
jmg5041 asked 3 years ago

Hi. I’m trying to decide whether to buy ROVIDX apps for my wordpress site. Let me describe what I’m trying to do.

Basic Idea —> digital signage project to connect charities with churches.

Step 1 – Each church purchases a Roku or firestick and plugs it into any wall mounted flatscreen.

Step 2 – They all access the same ROKU or Firestick channel/app.

Step 3 – Several charities upload advertisements/announcement images to a central web drive (dropbox, google drive is fine)

Step 4 – these images get pushed out to all the ROKU channel/app or Firestick channel/app… as simply rotating announcement or advertisement slides on the TV’s at each of the churches.This way the charities can dump their ads and announcements in a web folder/google drive/whatever, and all their ads show up on church TV’s around the country (with the ROKU devices) as digital sinage (i.e. rotating wall ads).

IN OTHER WORDS – while it would be cool to set up a TV/movie channel, I’m really just interested in having people accessing images. Yes, yes, I could do all the extra work of weekly turning images into a movie slideshow, but this is 2020, thats uncessary extra work. (I’ve found one other source that does the above with ROKU but its too expensive to whitelabel).


Step 5 – some churches may no like the idea for just announcements/ads but would go for it if they could use the screen for their own digital sinage.

Step 6 – individual channels are set up for each church that wants their own digital sinage.

Step 7 – we do the same thing as 1-4 but just for an individual channel created for a single church to use for its own sinage.

I know this can be done because I’ve done it through another site… but its too costly to do multiple channels and remove whitelabels.

Why don’t I just have the churches buy $150-200 units for the back of their TV’s and do read digital sinage. Cuz they are all really small churches in our network and wouldn’t go in for a product like that, but my jump for a $40 ROKU or firestick. (Not all churches are big into $$$ believe it or not).