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Ara Catchatoorian asked 2 years ago

I have a 24/7 Livestream network feed URL in HLS format for a foreign-language free network I created.

I setup the following:

  • Post Title
  • Descripion
  • Tag ‘livestream’
  • Media URL: my livestream HLS feed url
  • duration of 24hrs (86400)
  • Video Format: HLS
  • Quality: SD
  • Selected categories (5 total)
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Validity Controls: Aug 31 2021 to Aug 31 2031
  • No Advertising Controls – this is a free foreign-language religous network

I setup the Roku channel and it published today. I used the JSON url found in Roku DP of WP Smart TV and it all checked out. I now see my channel on Roku, all the graphics, the description, etc., but when I click "Go to Channel" all I see is Search and About. No video stream.

Where did I go wrong? How do I fix this?

Please advise.


2 Answers
Ara Catchatoorian answered 2 years ago

Is anyone out there? It looks like the last response to anything was 6 months ago. Hope all is ok.

Mrs. Crystal Hale answered 2 years ago

I publish the station and on the preview the liknks work but when it goes into publish mode it doesn’t show the video it only show search and about