QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHLS Bandwidth Needed Per Viewer For Live Stream & How Many Live Streams Can I run At Once?
Brian asked 4 years ago

I am having a hard time finding the requirements on a per viewer basis on LIVE streaming. I know that I need to build an HLS server. I am good with that. I just do not know how much bandwidth per viewer I am going to need. Say I have 10,000 people that are going to watch my live feed of an event. HOW MUCH bandwidth am I going to need? What formula is there? Is there even a formula?Next question on this is, I would like to make 4 live streaming categories within the channel. Can this be done? Or do I have to make 4 different channels and live stream to each one the events individually?Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have searched for an hour using many different search strings and cannot get the correct answers.

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Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Brian,

Sorry for the late reply! I’m not sure to be honest, you would have to ask one of the live stream providers. I can tell you that if you are running a single server, you can divide your bandwidth by the bitrate of the stream to get an approximation. And you’ll want to allow about 25% for overhead and errors. Plus this is all reliant on your server having enough power to send that many streams.

So for example:

1gb bandwidth / 5mbps stream = 204 streams minus 25% for overhead, so around 160 concurrent viewers.

Let me know if that helps!