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avflamenco asked 4 years ago

Hi there, so far I’ve really been enjoying WP Smart TV and appreciate all that you have put into it!

It seems I’m stuck with the feed url not working. I have added my Amazon S3 video url’s into my install of WP Smart TV, added thumbnails, created Recipes, created Series, and what I end up with is this for my feed url:

This is what the ROKU wp plugin feed url looks like:

The video files are all .mp4.

Is it my hosting service? I tried FTP to drop the WP Smart TV feed into the site’s root directory, but same results.

Can you please advise to me what I might be missing?

Thank you very much!


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Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey Greg,

It’s most likely an issue with S3. In order to deliver videos to OTT devices (Roku, etc) you need to enable CloudFront and pass the files through CloudFront before passing them to the device.

Hope this helps!