QuestionsCategory: QuestionsAuto Play within a Series/Miniseries is not working
podworx asked 4 years ago

In another Roku channel I’ve deployed using Rovidx, the videos within series auto-played one after another. In a new channel we’re developing, this function is not working.

I compared the settings on both and can’t see anything different.

This is a really groovy feature we’d like to see work again!


— Scott

1 Answers
Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

This sounds like another issue with Direct Publisher. There is no setting for WP Smart TV that controls anything to do with autoplay, so it is most likely an issue with the new channel in Roku’s system.

I mentioned this in one of your other questions, but unpublished channels are notoriously glitchy on the Direct Publisher platform. Most of the time you have to ask Roku’s partner support for help, but you can try publishing the channel and seeing if that fixes the issue.