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Tameka Riley asked 4 years ago

Good Morning,I’ve watched the YouTube videos and taken the free class you have and am still having trouble getting the Roku ads to show up. I’m using Roku’s ads and not my own. I’ve followed the instructions and have waited for about a week and still nothing…Also, I also entered a genre (Sermons) on my channel and it was showing in the boxes at the bottom as an option to select when I ad a new video for about a week. I went to add a new video this morning and it was missing. I had everything layed out exactly the way I wanted the channel to appear. When you download it on Roku everything looks fine as the sermons were seperated by the Sermon category, comedy was in the comedy category and music videos in their category. Its still listed as a tag, its still listed where I added it under Genres, but it won’t show up at the bottom as an option to select when I’m adding a new video anymore. I’m worried about them not showing up for new users since that category refuses to show as an option anymore.I’ve purchased the Playlist and haven’t played with it just yet, but I’m certainly looking forward to it.Thanks for all you do..Tameka

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Rob Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Tameka,

You’d have to contact Roku regarding the Ad’s. Our system only manages the content and when the ad’s are scheduled, Roku Ad Network is responsible for supplying the ads and it sounds like that is where the issue is.

As for categories and videos not showing up, there has been issues with Direct Publisher and unpublished channels. You’ll need to contact Roku Partner Success for more information.

Hope that helps!